Going Green
volume 8, issue 1


“Never doubt
that a small
group of thoughtful, committed
citizens can change
the world;
indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead


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From the Editor

Fall, 2017 

Going Green PublicationsMy birthday, which is in September, is always a time for me to reflect. However, I find that I don’t do this on the day of my birthday, but on the day before. There’s something meaningful to me about the last day of being a particular age. So that’s the day I spend quiet time outdoors, and think back over the events and accomplishments and failures and milestones of the previous year.

Similarly, as I look forward to the ten-year anniversary of Cape Fear’s Going Green next month, I find that it’s now that I’m starting to review the events of the last ten years. I may share my thoughts next issue—our anniversary issue—but all week I’ve been reflecting on how special it has been to spend my time learning about the wonderful environmental ideas people throughout our region are pursuing. Every article I write, every environmental meeting I attend, gets me better acquainted with you, the individuals in our community who care about making a difference. I am grateful to each and every one of you for following your passion, and for sharing it with me so that I can share it with others who might not yet know you.

And I’m especially grateful to all the people who have supported this publication through the years—advertisers, sponsors, writers, photographers, designers, advisors, and friends. Thank you.

In this issue you’ll find articles on storms and beach nourishment, on people who can help you buy green homes, and on wildflowers. We’ll visit Holly Shelter, learn about area festivals, and think about seasonal foods. And of course—as always—we’ll celebrate our local environmentalists. I’m looking forward to the next ten years!


—Valerie L. Robertson


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volume 8, issue 1
Cape Fear's Going Green